Andrew Cliffe is an amazing theatre and event photographer, a superhero who specializes in shooting portraits, publicity shots, or the downright weird and wonderful. The pictures are useful for corporate, publicity or personal reasons.

World Class Theatre and Event Photography is his aim.

Andrew Cliffe has spent his life since the age of 13 ( those horrible teenage years), building up on his photography skills, he his now a published photographer and worked with many different clients. He is continually evolving, learning and developing his techniques.

Blends In

Whatever the occasion, he dresses appropriately and blends in, making guests feel at ease. He doesn’t look like a wolf amongst sheep. ( Unless of course he decides to dress up as a sheep)


A real emotion makes a winning photograph and just like a wildlife photographer, he doesn’t artificially fabricate the scene, he captures things as they happen.


Things change, so being adaptive and flexible whilst working with your brief is normal for Andrew. (drinks and sugary snacks are a helpful addition)

No Fake News

Andrew’s photography is the genuine article, If he hasn’t produced it, it isn’t in his portfolio. Nada, Non, no.


Andrew has a real passion for the theatre and events which shines through on his photos.

Andrew can rely on his experience to acquire the shot you need, often over-delivering.  His provides an unique offering and his training doesn’t finish when he reads a book. Why not contact him today so he can talk to you about your next project.

Andrew is a superhero, but all he carries is a camera.